How calamitous are your holidays? If you’re prone to losing items, becoming ill or being a victim of crime when abroad, you might want to stay clear of visiting Spain, according to data published recently.

The land of sun, sea and sand has taken a bit of a battering from the survey by And as much as we love Spain, according to holidaymakers, 25 per cent of trips to the country end in some kind of difficulty or issue.

On the other end of the spectrum, Hungary is the place where you are least likely to have your camera lost or stolen.

If you want to avoid claiming on your car insurance, stay away from France, which has been dubbed the “car crash capital” of Europe.

Perhaps, not surprisingly for a country known for skiing and mountain climbing, Austria is the country where most activity-based accidents happen to British holidaymakers.

The results came from questioning over 8000 holidaymakers by the price comparison site.

They discovered that over one in ten holidays in Europe result in illness, injury or property theft for UK tourists.

The Canary Islands, Greece and Italy made up the top four alongside Spain for overall incidents – however, these are also among the most popular holiday destinations in Europe.

The theft hotspots include Spain, the Canary Islands and France. And Spain topped the charts again with the chances of falling ill on holiday, with the Canary Islands and Greece.

Despite this, 47 per cent of Brits go out of their way to avoid becoming ill by steering clear of certain foods.

But sometimes, things can be completely out of our control, with the common occurrence of flight delays or cancellations at airports.

When it came to flight-related issues, Russia came out top as the country most likely to be beset with airport problems. Russian flight operators are also likeliest to lose your luggage.


Image Credit: Tecmark

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