Following a car accident, there are usually far more important things on people’s minds than making a compensation claim. In most cases, people will have to deal with their damaged vehicles so that they can carry on getting to and from work each day. In other cases, people might be recovering from the accident or looking after others who were injured in the accident.

Fortunately, a car accident compensation claim doesn’t have to be made straight away, so people can get everything else sorted before they move on to this step. In almost all cases, a person has up to three years to make a car accident compensation claim after the accident has occurred. This time limit applies to both drivers and passengers, but in rare cases, it may be overlooked if effects such as pain begin to occur after three years have passed.

This three year period is very useful because a lot of people will simply forget to make a compensation claim following an accident or discover that they are entitled to make a claim one or two years after the accident.

In some instances, a person’s injuries can become more serious or a person can begin to experience pain long after the accident. This might happen because the person originally thought that they were fine when really they had an injury sustained in the accident.

Although people have three years following an accident to make a car accident compensation claim, it is advised that they do so as soon as is convenient. If a claim is made at an early stage, details are more likely to be correct.

It is also very important for people to get checked out following an accident to make sure that they don’t have any injuries which aren’t visible. This is very important for the person’s wellbeing, but it can also play a major part in the amount of compensation received in a car accident claim.

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