You can’t guarantee that the last-minute Valentine’s Day gift is going to impress your loved one. But sometimes it can be tough to plan around busy schedules and picky partners, making it difficult to pin down the perfect gift. 

Or perhaps your Valentine’s present might be exactly what they want and it’s already neatly wrapped up. However, digging deep into your pockets for an amazing gift could mean you’ve blown your budget out of the water. You might find it difficult to pay the costs of a fancy meal in a restaurant as a result!


No one wants a hangry partner who’s less than impressed with your offerings, so if you’re stuck counting your pennies – don’t panic.

We’ve found five fantastic three-course meals for under £20 in UK’s valentine’s meal deals that will save you pennies, and save you from ruining the day.

So, whether you and your partner are eating healthily, following a vegan diet, or you’re both happy to chow down on anything, these deals are much cheaper than a visit to a restaurant.



Aldi Valentines


We all know and love Aldi for their deals, and for 2022, they’ve launched a Valentine’s Day range. 

From “Galentine’s” to a family day of appreciation, you can even follow their simple recipe and make a tomato bruschetta starter.

Tuck into a starter, main and dessert for under £20! 

(If you find some spare cash and you fancy a tipple or two, grab one of their alcohol pairings!)


What will it cost? Whilst there isn’t necessarily a “deal” available, the most expensive starters, mains and desserts will still come to less than £20. 


When can I get it? Much like other Aldi products, once it’s been bought off the shelves, it’s gone!


What does it include? Starter, Main, Side, Dessert box of chocolates and a bottle of drink

But if you’re stuck for entertainment, don’t worry. 



Asda Valentines

Asda has offered a quick and easy option for those who have been too busy to plan this year!

The supermarket has released a meal deal that offers a starter, main, side, dessert, and wine – all for £15. 

Asda is offering a free Sky Movies voucher, so you can kick back and watch your favourite rom coms, and indulge.


What will it cost? £15 

When can I get it? 3rd to 14th February 

What does it include? Starter, main, side, dessert, and wine for two (and a free Sky Movies voucher.)


Coop Valentines

Perhaps the cheapest deal we’ve seen in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, Co-op is asking for just £5 in return for a freezer feast. 

If you want a more low-key vibe, grab a couple of pizzas, some chicken nuggets, fries and ice cream for dessert. 

We’d recommend this deal any time of year though – you can’t beat a pizza and ice cream movie night, especially if it’s light on your pockets.


What will it cost? £5 

When can I get it? While stocks last 

What does it include? Two pizzas, potato wedges, meat/vegan nuggets and a tub of ice cream.


Tesco Valentines

This deal is a fantastic option if you can’t spare much cash, but your meal would be incomplete without a drink to finish it off.

For just £15, you can enjoy an extensive range of dishes, from goats cheese tarts to rump steaks. All you need to do is use your Clubcard, or set up a free account to take advantage of the savings.


What will it cost? £15 

When can I get it? 10th to 14th of February

What does it include? One starter, one main, two sides, one dessert and one drink.

Vegan dedicated

Tesco is also hosting a vegan feast, courtesy of Wicked Kitchen. The price will be the same as the meat eater’s meals at £15, but you can rely on it being entirely animal product free. 

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Looking for more?

Not every meal has to be celebrating a meal, but it can still be indulgent.

If you want to still enjoy your favourites, but save cash on your grocery bills, take a look at our guide.

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