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Grab The Best Deals: Amazon Prime Day 2022!

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Amazon Prime Day is nearly here, with sales set to begin on Tuesday 12th July and end at the end of the day on Wednesday 13th July. The perfect opportunity to grab a great deal on some fantastic products you’ve had your eye on for a while, or perhaps some gifts for loved ones later in the year.

Whatever you’d love to buy, MoneyBright’s team is here to guide you through Amazon Prime Day:

  • What is Amazon Prime Day
  • When is Amazon Prime Day 2022
  • How to find the best Prime Day deals
  • Amazon Prime free trial
  • Decide on your budget
  • Start early, but keep your eye out
  • Know what you want to buy
  • The 10 best early Amazon Prime Day deals
  • How to sign up for Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Prime Day vs Black Friday: should you wait?

What Is Amazon Prime Day?

Exclusive to Prime members, Amazon Prime Day is Amazon’s annual sale event, spanning two days and host to thousands of deals across a huge variety of products. The Amazon Prime Day in 2022 will also see Amazon-specific devices drop to some of the cheapest prices ever seen, including the Echo, Alexa, Dot and Show.

When Is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Amazon Prime Day begins on Tuesday 12 and will run to the end of the day on Wednesday 13th July. However, the deals don’t just start there, with earlier bargains to be grabbed from 21st June and more being announced throughout the week before the main event.

How To Find The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

There might be tons of deals on offer, but whilst that’s exciting, it can become overwhelming, and the best deals may slip behind some of the less impressive offers.

By downloading the Amazon app, you can sign up for notifications for Prime Day ‘lightning deals’, in which Amazon will instantly tell you about the products that have seen a huge price slash for the next few hours.

But that’s not the only tip, you can do much more to get the most out of Amazon Prime Day 2022 by doing the following tried and tested tips…

Amazon Prime Free Trial

Getting involved with Amazon Prime Day is easy, even if you’re not yet a Prime member. But don’t rush to grab a membership just yet, as MoneyBright has found that Amazon will dish out free trials of its Prime service roughly a week before the event of the year.

So that way, you’ll be able to not only save cash on hot deals; but you’ll also be able to avoid any membership fees. A double money-saving tip!

Decide On Your Budget

At MoneyBright, we’re very big fans of a budget. They are the best way to hit the ground running when it comes to making the most out of your paycheck.

We have the same approach when taking full advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2022. It can become incredibly overwhelming, and getting caught up in the moment when browsing so many deals can lead to impulse purchases and massive overspending. Instead, decide on an amount of money that you can afford to spend and don’t let your basket spiral out of control.

Start Early But Keep Your Eye Out At The Full Event

The event itself begins on July 12th, but the deals come flooding in much earlier. Getting to Amazon early is key to scoring a great deal before the millions of users descend onto the website.

As expected, the biggest deals sell out much more quickly, so having your eyes on the site regularly before the official start is essential if you want to secure a fantastic deal. Overall, if you’re set on grabbing some deals, we recommend checking in on Amazon’s website twice a day to ensure that you don’t miss out on any big deals.

Know What You Want To Buy

Treating Amazon Prime Day as a free for all is a recipe for disaster, obliterating any budget you put in place and potentially ruining any savings or financial plans you’ve put in place. MoneyBright knows how important it is to grab a deal, so we’ve got a great tip for bagging some discounts without setting yourself back financially.

Create a list of products you’d like to buy, with a reason for why you’d like the product next to it. These reasons don’t have to be profound, but being able to qualify why you’d like the product will help you to prioritise your purchases and save you from making impulse decisions that you may regret. Keep this list with you when browsing for deals and wait for the products you really want and need to arrive at your door.

The 10 Best Early Amazon Prime Day Deals

We’ve put our go-to list of the 10 best early Amazon Prime Day deals that are perfect for gifts, your home and you, so you can secure a deal:

How To Sign Up For Amazon Prime

If you haven’t had an Amazon Prime membership in the last 12 months, you are eligible for a free trial if you have an account that has a current or valid payment option attached to it.

From here, simply go to the Amazon Prime tab, start your free trial or re-start your membership if you’re not eligible by following the on-screen instructions. Once it’s all confirmed, you’ll have access to the Amazon Prime Day deals, the free two-day shipping, Prime Video and Prime Music.

Amazon Prime Day vs Black Friday: Should you wait?

At MoneyBright, we’re huge fans of a deal and are often front of the line to tell you all you need to know about how to save even more money and avoid well-dressed deals that aren’t as good as they look.

Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day are no different, but which ones should you buy from?

Whilst Prime Day deals might be limited to one platform, there are a wide variety of products available to grab at a discount. However, the lack of brands involved does mean you can easily price check in comparison with other shopping platforms, but they can sell out more quickly, so remain speedy.

Black Friday may be the event to wait for if you’re looking for an even bigger deal though as retailers compete with each other to have the best deals on offer. However, with more deals come more shoppers, and products can easily sell out before you have a chance to price check and make a decision.

So, if you want a more relaxing experience, head for Amazon Prime Day 2022, but if you’re looking for a more exciting experience, Black Friday might be your answer.

Listen to MoneyBright!

Whichever deal day you take advantage of, always follow our advice if you want to save cash and come out on top when bagging a deal for your favourite products.

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