While brides and grooms are counting costs for catering, drinks, reception venues and dresses and suits, there’s a new trend on the horizon that could take up a sizeable chunk of the budget – the gifting lounge.

Treating your guests to a choice of gifts is the latest wedding ‘in’ thing to do, according to Etsy, who revealed the biggest wedding trends of 2017.

Gifting lounges are rooms that guests at a wedding reception can enter. Inside is a selection of gifts that the guests are free to choose from.

Gone are the days of a bag of sugared almonds plonked in the middle of the wedding table.

Wedding favours have been the thing to do for the last decade or so. These are an import from the States and see each guest treated to a small gift at their table setting. These would vary from some sweets to mix tapes and mini hangover kits.

However, these favours have been overshadowed by the gifting table – where brides and grooms, ranging from portrait sketches to personalised presents.

‘Upon arrival at the couple’s hotel, a welcome party, or even at the reception itself, guests can grab a personalised tote or other container and help themselves to a curated spread of memorable goodies,’ according to Etsy’s reveal of the biggest wedding trends of 2017.

Items like local produce from the area and customised chocolate or sweet gifts are recommended – or even trinkets that complement the newly weds’ journey

Some couples are also going as far as hiring in calligraphers, portrait artists and caricaturists to impress guests on the big day.

On the topic of ever expanding budgets, it seems that couples are minimising their guest lists in order to offer a ‘more elevated and bespoke experience’ for the select guests that make the cut.

Other trends include choosing dresses outside of the customary white or ivory colour scheme. Brighter hues – baby pinks, champagne or pale sage are the most lusted after non-whites that brides have been parading around wedding dress shops across the UK.

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