Have you ever broken the law? You may consider yourself a law-abiding citizen who upholds a certain standard. But surprisingly, and according to new data, when it comes to us Brits breaking the law, it’s a case of ‘when’, not ‘if’.

New data, which has just been published, indicates that you will have broken the law thirty two times on average in the past year.

Think you’re an innocent party? Consider these easily committed offences. Ever vacuumed the house after 6pm? Flown a kite in the park? Used a fake name on the internet?

These fairly harmless sounding everyday acts are actually offences under UK law.

You also may not know that it’s treason to stick a postage stamp with the Queen’s head on upside down. And not declaring a plastic bag at self-service checkout is essentially stealing.

Thanks to information on what constitutes an offence and what is simply a misdemeanour, 98 per cent of Brits have confessed to breaking the law without realising at multiple times throughout the year.

In fact, the one crime that the majority of us have confessed to do is buy alcohol under the age of 18. Sound familiar?

Which of these have you done?

  •      Beeping a car horn for any other reason than alerting traffic
  •      Not paying for a carrier bag at a checkout
  •      Sticking a postage stamp upside down on an envelope
  •      Using someone’s Wi-Fi without their knowledge
  •      Using a fake name on the internet
  •      Singing lewd football chants on the street
  •      Throwing cutting back over neighbour’s fence
  •      Vacuuming between 6pm and 8am on a weekday or between 1pm and 8am on the weekend.
  •      Playing knock-a-door-run (knocking on people’s doors and running off)
  •      Flying a kite to the annoyance of others
  •      Pocketing the incorrect change in a shop

The data was carried out by BT to launch the series of Better Call Saul, the spinoff from the critically-acclaimed Breaking Bad.

The BT spokesperson commented on the findings, “The research shows there’s definitely a need for his services as Brits are not as law-abiding as we think.”

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