Drivers consider greener cars too expensive an alternative on their diesel motors.

Three in five diesel drivers have vowed to stay driving their motors in the aftermath of new laws, which will see a phase out of diesel vehicles by 2040.

Despite the recent levies and ban on new diesel cars in the next 23 years, many motorists insist that their diesel cars are considerably cheaper to run than their greener counterparts.

The government recently announced plans to phase out the production of diesel cars to see a total ban on them by 2040.

But, according to a recent poll, around 83 per cent of drivers say that eco cars are overpriced.

Without a scrappage scheme for older diesels, 64 per cent of drivers would have no intention of trading their vehicles in for greener alternatives.

Two in five drivers also say that they cannot afford to replace their vehicles with a non-diesel motor.

On top of this over 50 per cent believe that the government will U-turn on the recent decision to have all diesels off the roads by 2040.

Despite this, there are government crackdowns happening everywhere, kick-starting off in the capital where major enforcements have been taking place in many parts of the capital.

London has traditionally been the starting point for changing motoring behaviours – with one of the most famous being the congestion charge which was introduced in 2003.

The borough of Islington is charging £96 extra on resident parking permits for pre-2015 diesel vehicles. Westminster has also increased hourly parking rates by 50 per cent.

This means that diesel drivers will face increasing amount of additional costs unless they turn their cars in for something greener.

According to Fair Fuel UK, seven million motorists own pre-2008 diesel cars – which will face the bulk of the increasing costs – are said to be in a ‘low income demographic’ who could face problems replacing their cars with modern, eco-friendly alternatives.

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