We all know the drill: you leave the house for work in the morning, hop on the bus, grab your coffee-to-go and maybe some breakfast, then arrive at the office feeling ready to take on the day. But while these little treats make you feel good, they’re bad for your wallet – just think about how much you could save without forking out for your morning pickmeup?

With our calculator, you can pick some of the ‘essentials’ that you think you’ll be fine living without, and see how much you can save if you went without them for a period of time. With these savings, you could save enough cash for a holiday, or even put something towards a deposit on your first home!

Some ways you could save money include:

  • Walking to work instead of driving or taking the bus
  • Bringing your own flask rather than buying a coffee every morning
  • Bring a packed lunch into work instead of buying it from the shop or cafe

So give it a try and see how much you could save!


A night out – resource.
A takeaway – resource.
*According to recent research carried out by OVO energy, Brits take, on average, two baths a week, costing 0.31-0.89p per bath.

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