It’s no secret that fuel prices have risen exponentially in the early months of 2022, and it’s harder to know how to save fuel as they’ve shown no signs of stopping as summer approaches.

It’s made driving a car an extremely expensive affair, with the average tank costing 30% more than it did before the fuel price hike. It’s a necessary expense though which is why it is so important to know how to save fuel. As work commutes, general chores and simply getting around if you can’t rely on public transport mean it’s not always an option to give up your car.

And why should you? Regardless of price hikes, there are always benefits to saving money on fuel, especially if you’re a first-time buyer of a car.

The team at MoneyBright have put together 15 top tips on how to save fuel:

  • Why are fuel prices rising in the UK?
  • How to save fuel
  • Take a different route
  • Drive smoothly
  • Buy a fuel-friendly car
  • Don’t be loyal
  • Less is more
  • Lighten the load
  • Turn off the AC
  • Pump up the tires
  • Break softly
  • Ditch the car
  • Use high gears
  • Turn off your engine
  • Avoid rush hour
  • Carpool
  • Cold costs fuel

Why Are Fuel Prices Rising In The UK?

At the beginning of 2022, fuel costs began to shoot up, and have yet to slow down by the summer months. Petrol prices have risen to almost £2 a litre, raising the cost to fill a large family car to over £100.

The reasons behind these rises are complex, and there is not one sole reason behind them. Simplified, fuel prices have increased because the cost of crude oil has gone up. The pandemic is partly responsible, as is the fact that oil is bought in dollars, which the pound does not stand up strongly against.

The war in Ukraine has also had an impact, although it is not the root cause. The side effect of the war is due to Russia exports the most amount of oil, and the sanctions against the country have driven up demand from other providers, increasing the price even further.

With no end in sight, how to save fuel for first-time buyers is a top priority. But knowing how to save fuel and money on fuel can be difficult if you’re new to the driving world, so check out our tips below.

15 Tips On How To Save Fuel!

1. Take a different route

By avoiding routes that have multiple stops, steep inclines and a lot of traffic lights, you’ll save fuel in the long run. This might seem like an extra effort you don’t want to take, but the cost adds up over time.

2. Drive smoothly

This isn’t just for the benefit of your passengers, driving at a rate that isn’t dependent on you accelerating excessively at random points is fuel-efficient driving and will keep the RPMs down, along with your fuel use.

3. Buy a fuel-friendly car

If you’re a first-time driver you can save fuel by purchasing a car that doesn’t guzzle fuel – it’s the first step to knowing how to save fuel. Electric and hybrid models are on the more expensive side, but a bit of research will show you regular vehicles that are more fuel-efficient.

4. Don’t be loyal

The nearest petrol station, or the one you have a points card with might be tempting, but shop around! Petrol stations change their prices all the time, and if it’s not too far away, it’s always worth visiting a different one to save a few quid.

5. Less is more

Having any type of attachment to the outside of your car can create more drag and air resistance, meaning your car must burn through more fuel to maintain its speed. Remove these, and glide through the air with ease, whilst saving money.

6. Lighten the load

Similarly to the outside of your car, make sure the inside is stripped back too. Heavy speakers, unnecessary items or forgotten shopping in the boot can all make your car work harder for its fuel, costing you more in the long run.

7. Turn the AC off

The British summer can be brutal, especially if you’re driving on a very hot day. But, resist using the air conditioning as it uses engine power, which in turn, increases fuel consumption. Instead, try attaching electric hand fans that use reusable batteries.

8. Pump up the tires

Keeping your tires fully pumped will reduce their resistance of them on the roads, helping your car to use the fuel needed to get you where you want to be, instead of dragging deflated tires around.

9. Break softly

A hard break is necessary sometimes, but regularly slamming on the breaks is not just damaging to the mechanisms, but also costs you more fuel. Instead, softly apply the breaks and come to a slower stop, it’s much nicer for you and your car and more fuel-efficient.

10. Ditch the car

Is it a sunny day? Are you only heading out for a short journey? Leave your car at home, give it and your bank balance a break and take a walk! This might seem a bit too simple, but we often rely on our cars too much for short trips and this can save you money.

11. Use high gears

By driving in a higher gear, your car’s engine will do fewer rotations per minute. This uses less fuel to go at the same speed and is easier on your car. Fuel-efficient driving is a win, win overall.

12. Turn off your engine

Saving those few extra seconds of restarting your car can cost you big bucks in the long run. So, if you’re sitting in the car waiting for a friend, or you’re quickly picking up a takeaway, turn off your engine.

13. Avoid rush hour

Stopping and starting your car over and over again uses more fuel than simply driving. Avoiding rush hour doesn’t just save you time and frustration, but expensive fuel as well.

14. Carpool

If you drive to work regularly, try carpooling instead. It doesn’t have to be too formal, a simple arrangement between colleagues will save you some cash in the long run, and make a more fun commute.

15. Cold costs fuel

The colder months can hurt your wallet as much as your car, as colder engines run less efficiently, sometimes using even double the amount of fuel than on a warm day. So don’t drive straight away, and give your car a few minutes to warm up and use less fuel.

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