Open your door to the world of investment with a choice of mobile investment apps built to fit your investment needs and requirements. There are always new trends in the world of investing and personal finance and all of these apps allow you to manage your portfolio on the go!

It is important to do your research before using any investment app and to seek the advice of a trained professional, such as a financial adviser.

Best Investment Apps for Beginners

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Moneyfarm is an all-in-one investment app that’s easy to use and ideal for beginners; designed for new, innovative investors who are looking into long-term investment.

They provide users with fully managed portfolios along with investment advice to enable their clients to enjoy a world of investing.

Based on an understanding of your investment knowledge, awareness of risk, and the amount you plan to invest, Moneyfarm will match you to one of seven portfolios; that will help you make the right choices and avoid mistakes when you first start investing.

Why we like it

Moneyfarm offers three main accounts:

The account minimum is £500. If you decide to invest more than £500, Moneyfarm will offer a fee-free summer where you can enjoy an entire year of free investment. Great for beginners who want to gather a feel of investment.


It can be difficult to learn about investing from scratch, but Moneybox‘s platform will help you better understand the jargon so you can learn and invest as you go! 

All investors are unsure about value fluctuations, which is why Moneybox predicts this for you meaning you can understand the future value of your investment.

Moneybox provides three starting options – Cautious, Balanced and Adventurous for beginners so you can opt for an account based on your investment aims.

Why we like it

There are also separate accounts you can choose from:

With Moneybox you can sign up and deposit for just £1. You will receive dedicated support from expert advisors, tools and calculators to help manage your funds, earn rewards and learn more about investing and the stock market through the Moneybox blog.


Nutmeg is best suited for people who are very new to the world of investing. The app was released as one of the first Robo-advisors and is now one of the biggest investing apps.

You can pay a little extra monthly fee for Nutmeg’s fully managed portfolios, where investment experts will oversee your portfolio and complete the buying and selling process for you; whilst making changes where appropriate.

Why we like it

There are multiple accounts and portfolios you can open, including:

Nutmeg also provides the learning essentials beginners are looking for, with a library of tools and guides to assist you on your investment journey.

Best Low-Cost Investment Apps

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InvestEngine offers a choice of investment options to suit your requirements.

Whether you prefer an active or passive approach, they offer a range of services that give you the power to manage your investments in the way you choose.

For InvestEngine to manage your portfolio, they charge a single, low management fee of 0.25% a year.

Why we like it

InvestEngines DIY portfolio is free! No dealing, set-up or annual charges, meaning the only cost is the exchange-traded funds you invest in. Making it one of the most popular options for investors looking to invest at a low cost.


Whether you’re opening an account for stocks and shares, bonds, a pension or a standard investment account, Evestor offers this at a low cost for a personalised user portfolio.

You can start with a low amount of funds, even if that amount is just £1, which will allow you to become familiar with the platform before investing more.


Why we like it

If you invest in the UK, Evestor has one of the lowest-cost products available, with fees between 0.46% and 0.49% per annum.

Plus, if you would like to withdraw your money or make a transfer, there are no additional fees to do this.


£1 seems to have become a theme across many investing apps and this includes Freetrade. You can build a share trading account with a low-cost fee of £1 through the smartphone app.

In addition, you can also hold and manage your shares in an ISA, meaning interest rates are tax-free, making it an even more cost-effective platform. You do, however, need to pay £3 monthly fee for this option. When buying and selling, all transactions are instant and free.

Why we like it

With a subscription to Freetrade Plus, members gain more access to stocks and exclusive additional features.

When you deposit up to a maximum of £4000, you will gain 3% interest on cash for £9.99 a month.

Best Automated Investment Apps

Investing money could take a lot of time away from your day – but if you’re going to do it, you might as well automate it.

‘Robo advisors’ are online investment management services. They typically analyse your risk tolerance and financial situation and recommend a portfolio of diversified investments that work for you.

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Exo is an automated AI investing platform that learns and optimises your financial profile, designed with customer goals in mind.

AI will ask you about your goals, desires, investment philosophy, investment preferences, investment goals, investment time horizon, savings goals and the amount of risk you’re willing to take; in order to gain a good understanding to create a portfolio for your needs.

Why we like it

You’ll also discover more benefits when investing with Exo, as there are no transaction fees, no trading fees, and no hidden commissions.

The only price you’ll pay is an ETF fee, usually averaged at 0.25%.


Wealthify is an automated platform that analyses your investment requirements e.g. risk analysis and future investing ambitions for you in order to automatically find the best saving and investing opportunities.

It’s “smart” technology will automatically invest your assets, so you don’t have to spend time rebalancing your portfolio.

Why we like it

Wealthify has kept the costs fairly low, with an annual fee of 0.6%, 0.22% for original feeds and 0.66% for ethical plans.


The development of artificial intelligence, designed to automate their existing business processes, reduce costs and errors, increase productivity, and cut down on human involvement.

Why we like it

Swissquote‘s Robo-Advisor gives you time to focus on essentials by managing your assets around the clock.

The rebalance of your account helps you continue to meet your financial goals and targets.

Best Investment Apps For Ethical Investing

When you consider investing, you should ask: does this company make any compromises regarding it’s social and environmental values?

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Circa 5000

Investors are encouraged to contemplate how their investments will affect the environment. Instead of buying shares from various companies, customers can also invest in portfolios that narrow their focus on social issues, such as climate change, as demonstrated by Circa 5000.

If ethical investing is of interest, you may choose to explore other apps such as Nutmeg and Wealthsimple.

Why we like it

There are three main themes to choose from to invest your shares:

  • People
  • Planet
  • People & Planet

Best Investment Apps: Frequently Asked Questions

Investing apps costs can vary greatly depending on the stocks they offer and if they have additional fees such as management fees and/ or trading fees. For example, Plum is an investment app designed for those just starting out in investment and they allow you to invest from just £1 whereas premium companies like Round require a minimum investment of £500.

What’s our verdict?

What’s the best investment app right now? It’s impossible to say as it is different for each investor. It does come down to matching your circumstances to the right app.

How experienced an investor are you? How much money do you want to invest? What kind of investments do you want to make? How willing are you to take risks?

If you’re looking for a new investment app, the answers to these questions will help narrow down your options.

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