Mis-Sold Mortgage PPI Claims (MPPI)

Were you mis-sold a PPI policy with your mortgage?

Mortgage lenders who have been guilty of mis-selling mortgage PPI include:

  • Lloyds TSB
  • Santander (Abbey)
  • Nationwide
  • Northern Rock
  • Barclays
  • HSBC
  • Halifax
  • Natwest
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

mortgage ppi claimsMortgage PPI Claims – Was Your MPPI Policy Mis-Sold?

There’s a good chance your MPPI policy was mis-sold if:

  • You were not aware that PPI has been added to your mortgage
  • The costs of the PPI or the payment methods of the PPI were not explained to you
  • You were told that having the PPI policy would increase your chances of acceptance for the mortgage
  • You were not made aware that you could shop around for PPI from other provider
  • You had pre-existing mortgage payment protection insurance cover
  • You were, at the time of taking out the MPPI, a civil servant, in the armed forces or employed by the NHS
  • You were under the age of 18 or over the age of 65 when the PPI policy was sold to you
  • You worked fewer than 16 hours per week at the time the PPI policy was sold to you
  • You were unemployed when sold the payment protection insurance
  • You were not specifically informed of any exceptions to the PPI, particularly in relation to backache or stress not being covered


Essentially, if your circumstances meant you would never have been able to make a claim against your MPPI policy, it was most likely mis-sold!