Thanks to the rise of smartphones, there is a plethora of moneysaving apps available to download. Each app promises a new way of handling money, saving and reducing the amount of superfluous spending on things like clothing and takeaway coffees.

Load your smartphone up with these handy apps, and see how they can help your saving and spending on a day to day basis!

Daily Budget

For the person who needs a bit of guidance and discipline on day to day spending, this app is perfect. You set it up by inputting your monthly (or weekly) income. It then allows you to tot up your recurring expenses (rent/mortgage/council tax etc), and the monthly figure that you would like to add to your savings. It then gets the rest of your income and divides it into daily instalments – which is your daily budget. The results can be quite revealing – you might be surprised as to how much disposable income.


Aimed at Millennials, MoneyBox teaches newbies the basics of investing. Download the app and link it to a debit card connected to your current account. You decide how much you want it to round up by each month, and can also do top-ups whenever it suits. The investor has three tracker funds to invest in – a Henderson cash fund (cautious), a Vanguard global equities fund (balanced) and a Blackrock property equities fund (adventurous). While the results vary, users look to make a decent profit of just under £500 on a yearly basis by investing an average of £9 a month.

Money Dashboard

This app is designed for people who have different financial providers. It displays all your incomings and outgoings on credit cards, current accounts and savings in one place.

Money Dashboard categorises all transactions automatically, grouping together gas bills , credit card repayments, food shopping. But it also groups similar transactions – so you can see exactly how much you’re spending on large cappuccinos every morning.

This app is great for seeing your spending habits and planning budgets.


This app is great for paying friends – and also for debt collecting. Whether you’re splitting the bill at a restaurant or gathering money for a holiday, getting money off a lot of different people can be time consuming, awkward and a bit of a hassle. This app allows you and your friends to transfer money across to each other without any fuss.

This app requires you to have money in your PayFriendz account to pay mates, but this is easily done once you attach it to your debit card. There’s also a messaging function that allows you to have money discussions and keep up to date on things.


This app drip feeds your money. Which might sound slightly prohibitive, but if you’re trying to contain your spending and need an inbetweener between you and your cash, this is the app for you.

Users need to direct their income into a Barclays-powered Squirrel account. The app allows you to separate your money into three parts – the recurring payments like bills and mortgages, the savings and your spending money. The app releases money into your current bank account when bills are due, and will allocate any savings goals into a separate pot. All money left over is divided into weekly instalments, and transferred into your account at the beginning of each week.

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