Christmas is notorious for the higher credit card bills. There’s so much demand on our finances between the presents, cards, decorations and supplies for the big day. But the last thing anyone wants when it comes to January is a financial hangover from Hell. So what can you do to stop that happening?

Start the Shopping NOW

Encouraging you to shop might seem like an “alternative” way to combat the credit card hangover! But if you start early, you can spread the cost of Christmas over multiple months, rather than putting the entire burden on your December pay packet.

Pen and Paper

You can’t beat lists! No, that’s not just an obsession I have with putting pen to paper to scribe these things – they genuinely do help. Write down EVERYTHING you are going to buy, ensuring you’ve not missed a single thing and, most importantly STICK TO IT!

Impulse purchases will result in a nasty financial hangover.

Compare Prices

We have no excuse now not to compare prices given just how easy comparison engines online have made it. You might not think that saving a couple of quid here and there will make all that much difference but it adds up, especially when you’re buying dozesn of presents.

Try Not to Resort to Plastic

Purchases on plastic will invariably end up costing more, what with interest and even potential penalty charges. If you can avoid it, do!

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