There are so many varied broadband deals available, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. We have identified our top picks of the best student broadband options; take a look and decide which one suits your student needs.

What Should You Consider When Comparing Student Broadband?

When it comes to finding the best student broadband deal, there are many elements you need to consider. Let’s take a look at the factors when you’re looking for a new broadband plan.

Price – When looking for a good deal on broadband, it’s important to pay attention to all the costs involved. Quite often there are additional charges added on top e.g. installation fees or deals that may expire resulting in a cost increase.
Speed – You’ll need a stable and reliable broadband connection to share your broadband connection with other students in your residence. It may be wise to opt for a slightly more expensive package and split the cost, to ensure a stronger network connection for all users.
Contract Length – Most contracts vary in length; 12, 18 and 24 months are typical. Choose the right contract length for your university term – as it may cost extra to opt out early.

Best Student Broadband Deals

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Virgin Media Student Broadband

Virgin Media student broadband packages are offered on both 12 month and 30-day contracts and can be integrated within your TV or mobile phone bundles.

Looking for a little extra? Virgin Media’s £34 bundle offers you a 5GB mobile sim with unlimited calls and texts included!

If you’re interested in a shorter-term option, their 30-day contracts are ideal. You can cancel at any time; providing a 30 day notice period. Their £39 a month M200 Fibre Broadband deal covers a household of 10+.

Why we like it

Their average download speed is up to 516 Mbps, ensuring ultra-fast speeds with 99.88% reliability; not just for yourself, but the whole student accommodation. Prices start from as little as £27 per month, including M100 Fibre Broadband capable of providing internet for up to 5-9 devices, with no setup fee!

BT Student Broadband

Grab BT student broadband for powerful internet speeds 24/7 and unlimited data, meaning download capability is never-ending. Choose between 9 or 12-month contracts to suit your university term times.

It is the ideal solution for larger student accommodation as wi-fi radiates through each room. If for any reason you are unhappy with your broadband connectivity, BT will give you £100 back.

For reliable browsing, sharing and downloading, their 9-month contracts aren’t as cost-effective in the long run however, they do provide an average speed of 36 Mb for £27.99 a month with an upfront cost of £39.99.

Why we like it

When comparing the 9-month contract to their 12 months, we can see a 12-month contract is far more cost-effective in the long run as the broadband speed and upfront cost match.

The only difference is a lower charge per month of £24.99.

NOW Student Broadband

NOW don’t offer a specific student broadband option, however, they do offer fantastic deals which would suit student accommodation perfectly.

All NOW bundles come with unlimited usage, perfect for student accommodation with multiple users and devices guaranteeing effective streaming and downloading.

Why we like it

Along with their catchy package titles, they offer quirky deals such as ‘Fab Fibre’ which is cheaper than both Virgin Media and BT student broadband, with an improved download speed of 63 Mbps for £22 a month on a 12-month contract.

Their package also includes the line rental and no activation fee! Hard to resist such a fantastic offer ideal for student accommodation.

Three Student Broadband

There are three reasons why you should invest in Three’s broadband deal; no landline or installation, simple plugin and go and free next day delivery when ordered before 10pm.

To increase your broadband speed, opt for their 5G option, providing faster speeds for heavier workloads, increased user capability, up to 250Mbps for a little extra of £30 monthly.

Why we like it

If you need to finish an all-important dissertation, and require faster broadband speed, Three’s 4G broadband comes with unlimited data and a typical download speed of 50Mbps – 100Mbps (with the potential to reach 600Mb) and up to 64 connected devices – all for £22/ month, with no upfront cost.

Hyperoptic Student Broadband

Are you ready to save up to 40% on broadband? Hyperoptic broadband is perfect for students looking for cheap broadband over 24 months. Prices range from £15 to £35, and speed varies between 50 Mb and 1Gb when you choose between their fast, superfast, ultrafast and hyperfast packages.

Their lowest priced package is £15 for an average speed of 50Mb; meaning this may not be the best option for a larger student household compared to previous packages.

Why we like it

If tying yourself into a 24-month contract isn’t the best option for you, Hyperoptic also provides monthly rolling contracts. Their most popular option; superfast bundle prices at £32 for 150Mb, including all the perks of unlimited data, an average speed of 150Mb and a one-off £29 activation fee.

You can pay a little extra and opt for a huge 1Gb bundle offering unlimited data, an average speed of 900Mb, zero activation fee plus free install and use of the router.

TalkTalk Student Broadband

TalkTalk supplies speed for your student essentials. For £23.00 a month, you’ll sign up for a 24-month contract plus a £4.95 delivery.

You can enjoy fast browsing on up to 5 devices, 38Mb average download speed, easy self-setup​ and a Wi-Fi Hub in black. You’ll also find a bonus deal of free TalkTalk to TalkTalk calls!

Why we like it

For just £1 extra at £24 a month, your download speed will increase to 67Mb.

Plusnet Student Broadband

By paying just £18.99 a month on an 18-month contract, you’ll receive great unlimited broadband for everyday use on one device, including no activation fee and your line rental is included.

Why we like it

Whether working in a solo environment or shared student accommodation, Plusnet offers packages to suit all of your working needs.

How Can I Get Free Wifi Access?

If you’re worried about using your data quotas, or just looking to access WiFi whilst on the move, there are plenty of free options available.


More and more cafes are offering free WiFi as a way to entice students to come and work in their shops. If you are situated in a busy city or town, you are likely able to take advantage of this. Walk-in, set up, and you’re ready to go!


Many public transport methods are now integrating WiFi into their vehicles, for example, trains often provide free access to the internet, great for the many times we lose signal when travelling! Buses are now even offering WiFi along major routes; the perfect opportunity to work whilst travelling to university.


As a student, you will have access to many options for free WiFi. Your university will provide it’s own free WiFi access on campus premises or areas such as lecture rooms, cafes, open workspaces and libraries.

As students flock to libraries close to their deadline dates, you may find they become quickly overcrowded, which could impact your ability to stay focused. In this case, consider using your local library. Most offer WiFi access along with quiet working spaces, a great alternative during those busy periods.

Why Should You Care

Student broadband is all about finding the right speed, price and contract length for your needs. Whether you’re searching for the best broadband speed with Hyperoptic, the cheapest option with NOW or the best benefits with TalkTalk, you’ll discover the huge range of options ready to support you on your journey through uni.

Student Broadband: Frequently Asked Questions

As it sounds, student broadband packages are designed with student behaviours in mind. Broadband suppliers often create these broadband packages for students in which speed, data usage and contract length are all considered to suit a student’s lifestyle and to fit a student’s price range.

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