Following an announcement from Barclays a few days ago that they’ve set aside an additional £900 million for the cost of PPI, the banking giant has now set aside £4.8 billion. But how much have the 4 major banks set aside in total to payout for the PPI mis-selling scandal.

  • Barclays – £4.8 billion
  • HSBC – £2.1 billion
  • Lloyds – £9.83 billion
  • Royal Bank of Scotland – £3.1 billion

The bill for Lloyds looks set to be almost as high as for the other 3 major banks all combined.

cost of PPI for big 4 banks

(Sources: Guardian and Financial Times).

This leaves the total pot put aside by the UK’s 4 biggest banks at £19.83 billion. Massive. And there’s no guarantee this figure won’t end up increasing over time.


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