Would you trust your travel arrangements in the hands of someone else?

Millions of us are currently packing for long awaited trips across the globe. Some of us have planned it meticulously, down to daily schedules and restaurant visits.

Others are a bit more laidback, and prefer to arrive and explore.

For the latter crowd, a new way of holidaying might appeal to them. A Dutch company founded in Amsterdam in 2014, srprs.me, launched its surprise holiday concept in the UK in July this year.

So what’s a surprise holiday?

You approach them, with a few specifications. You tell them what type of holiday you are looking for (beach, city break, activity holiday etc), you tell them the dates you can travel and they get to work.

Once they’ve sorted out the details, they give you a weather forecast and the times to turn up to the airport – the rest is up to you.

You get on the plane and land at the destination. Of course, you need to be up for the whole concept, the surprise element, be open-minded enough to consider a week in Bratislava or the foothills of the Pyrenees as an acceptable holiday destination.

But for those up for an adventure, taking a trip to somewhere they might not necessarily have thought about going to could be the perfect solution.

So how will this go down with a UK public intent on exploring the holiday spot before they’ve even reached the airport. In a world where TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, Google Maps and countless travel blogs advise us where to go and what to see, it could be a refreshing change to embrace the spirit of adventure and allow a third party to take the reigns.

Our travel habits can constrict us. Knowing we love city breaks and the Spanish coast might mean we never get to experience the beauty of the Ljubljana in Slovenia or go boating around the Masurian Lake District of Poland.

This new concept of holidaying should be something we all experience at least once. With so much online resource out there to control the way we holiday, the surprise holiday might be just the very thing we never knew we needed.

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