Travel Insurance

Don’t let your holiday be ruined by a mishap or accident that ends up costing you your spending money. Don’t travel without the appropriate insurance. Buying travel insurance doesn’t have to be complicated! Find out everything you need to know about travel insurance at Moneybright. We’re completely impartial!

  • What’s Covered?

    What’s covered in a travel insurance policy varies hugely, depending on the policy type and provider.

    Things you should definitely consider having covered in any travel insurance policy incude:

    Cancellation and curtailment

    If you have to cut your holiday short or cancel it altogether as a result of completely unforeseen circumstances, the last thing you want is to lose the money you’ve paid for it on top of the disappointment of your break not going to plan. Cancellation cover is included in the vast majority of travel insurance policies on the market.

    Baggage Cover

    Losing your belongings as the result of an airline failing to load your luggage and deliver it to your destination can be a real headache! Keep an eye out for the type of baggage cover included with any travel insurance policy you’re looking for. Ideally, a policy that will pay out £1000+ should be considered. If you are going to be carrying any high valuable goods in your baggage, you might have to have these insured separately. Most travel insurance providers have specific stipulations around high value goods and you might need some additional cover to keep them completely safe!

    Medical Cover

    Nobody wants to end up needing medical treatment on holiday and we certainly don’t plan it! But unexpected accidents can happen and ensuring you are covered for healthcare can alleviate some of the stress. Ending up in a situation where you need medical treatment abroad is stressful enough without having to worry about a giant medical bill. The rules and costs of healthcare will vary wildly from country to country, so make sure your policy is specific to where you are going to be. For most people, it’s highly unlikely you’ll need medical care abroad. But it’s better to be safe than to be stressing about massive healthcare bills while on holiday.

    Emergency Assistance

    When you take into account timezones and the fact that unplanned emergencies can happen 24 hours a day, there’s a reasonable chance that if you do require the assistance of your travel provider, it could fall outside of the UK business hours. Many major providers offer round the clock emergency assistance and this is something worth looking out for when gathering quotes.

    Delay Cover

    Incurring delays while travelling can lead to expenses such as accommodation, food, drink, missed travel connections and so on. Delay cover should take care of these expenses for you and, in some cases, compensate you for your delay.

    This is by no means an exhaustive list and depending on the nature of your travel you may have more specific requirements than this.

  • Policy Types

    There are several different types of travel insurance policy available for holidaymakers and adventurers. They include:

    • Single trip travel insurance policies
    • Annual policies
    • Worldwide policies
    • Backpackers travel insurance
    • Group travel insurance
    • Family travel insurance
    • Over 65s travel insurance

    Each type of policy is suited for different types of travellers and trips. Ensuring you get travel insurance quotes for the right type of policy is essential.