The UK insurance industry is absolutely huge and as consumers, we have several different insurance products at any one time. Getting the best deal and really understanding your policy can be hard work. At Moneybright, we make it simple with impartial information and plain English content about many of the UK’s most popular insurance products.

  • Insurance Quotes

    Whatever insurance product you’re looking for, we’d always recommend using a comparison service or at least shopping around yourself with multiple providers to get several quotes. Shopping around for insurance means you can be sure you know exactly what your options are and that you’re not paying over the odds for an insurance policy you get a better price for with another provider.

    Not all insurance is made equal, though. Although price is sure to be a factor in your assessment of insurance policies, other things you should pay close attention to when getting quotes include:

    • Exactly what’s covered!
    • The excess
    • The provider itself.

    Do your homework on all providers from whom you receive insurance quotes that you’re considering. Reputation and level of service you feel you will receive from an insurance provider should certainly be considerations when weighing up your options, whatever the product!