If you’re struggling to cope with debt, you’re certainly not alone. In the UK, up to 10 million adults are struggling with debt (according to Money Advice Trust). Find out how to deal with debts and achieve financial freedom.

  • Debt Solutions

    In the UK, we’re fortunate to have charities and organisations set up to provide advice on a range of debt solutions for consumers. There are a number of different debt solutions designed to assist consumers struggling to make ends meet in the UK. These include:

    • Debt management plans
    • IVAs
    • Debt relief orders
    • Bankruptcy

    You’ll find impartial facts and information about these debt solutions and news from the industry.

  • Debt Problems

    Debt problems are not uncommon in the UK. Up to 10 million people are struggling to juggle debts. Between mortgages, loans, credit cards, store cards and hire purchase agreements, consumers are facing increasing difficulties in meeting their monthly repayments. In fact, if you include mortgages, the average household debt is more than £50,000 (according to 2012 figures from Credit Action).

    In July 2012, consumers in the UK paid a stagger £164 million in interest each day!!! 

    So if you are struggling to meet monthly repayments, you’re certainly not the only one and there are a huge number of services out there designed to help you to overcome your debts. At Moneybright, our specialist debt writers and researchers provide impartial informati0n on a range of debt solution products and services in the UK, as well as information on cutting costs and saving money.