The Financial Services Authority today given people more time to take their PPI claims to the Financial Ombudsman. Presently, anyone seeking to make a PPI claim has 6 months from the time their clami is dealt with by their bank or provider, to then refer it to the Financial Ombudsman. However, this temporary extension for PPI cases will last until 27th October 2010.

A consumer may only go to the Financial Ombudsman service after receiving a final letter from their bank and not being satisfied with the outcome. Anyone who received this final letter between 28th November 2009 and 28th April 2010.

This comes after consumers have complained about the way providers have been dealing with PPI claims. Banks rejected 60% of claims last year, however of the cases referred to the Ombudsman, 90% were settled in favour of the consumer.

It was recently reported that the PPI claims cases could cost the industry billions as a result of widespread mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance policies in recent years.