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We’ve all been there – desperately needing our phone after it has ran out of battery.

There’s nothing more infuriating than needing to use our phone in a place where there’s no clear means of charging up the battery.

However, one video suggests a DIY lifesaver hack that could help us out in emergencies.

The YouTube video has gone viral showing viewers how to construct a DIY phone charger when the normal methods of powering a phone are unavailable.

However, is it as safe as it looks?

The method requires a 9v battery, a coiled spring from a pen, a car charger and a phone.

To generate power, connect the metal point on the car charger to one of your battery’s sprockets.

Then connect one end of the coiled spring to the second sprocket of the battery, and then connect the spring’s other end to the metal piece on the side of the car charger.

Next, connect your cable to the phone and the USB port of the charger as normal.

Reviews across the internet have been mixed with some critics saying this could be dangerous to overall function of your phone.

However, it may help some people in emergency situations.

Matthieu Dubarry, an electrochemist at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute who is an expert in batteries, speaking to has claimed that trying to charge a phone with a 9V battery ‘is certainly not a good idea because of the voltage.’

‘You don’t want to put anything past 4.5 volts.’

‘That’s really really bad,’ he echoed, emphasising that no batteries, even lower than 9V, should be used.

If you attempt this for too long and the battery gets too hot, the phone can explode.

Sometimes this can happen right away and other times it can take two or three days.