Natwest PPI Claims

Find out how to make a PPI claim against Natwest.

Natwest is one of the UK’s biggest banking companies, and serves millions of people and businesses across the United Kingdom. The bank is owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group and is one of the most popular high street banks. Despite this huge customer base and popularity, Natwest, like many other banks, was involved in the PPI mis-selling scandal.

Natwest claims it is committed to becoming the UK’s most helpful bank, so anyone who was mis-sold payment protection insurance by the bank has a very good chance of being able to claim back what they paid out.

Natwest mis-sold PPI in a number of different forms including:

  • Mortgage protection insurance
  • Loan insurance
  • Accident and sickness insurance
  • Credit card repayment protection insurance
  • Income protection insurance

Many people were incorrectly told by Natwest that their mortgage, loan or credit card application would be declined if they didn’t take out PPI.

If you suspect that you might have been charged for PPI by Natwest at some point, then the first thing to do is check your statements where details of PPI should be included. Any loan, mortgage or credit card documentation should have details of PPI on it if you were paying for it.

If there is no evidence of PPI on your paperwork then you can double check by contacting Natwest and asking if you have previously paid for PPI from them. There is a chance that you were sold it legitimately – to find out whether you were mis-sold PPI or not.

You can either claim directly, by writing to Natwest. Alternatively, you could use the services of a fee charging Claims Management company. But do ensure you do your research and understand any fees you will be charged by such a company before going down that route.

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