Was: £6 Now: £1.50

Right – you need to be quick with this deal of the century.

Here’s how to get it:

  1. Logon to the new Sainsbury’s online account
  2. Select their Prosecco Frizzante for £6 a bottle.
  3. Selecting six automatically knocks 25% off – which means you get them for £4.50 a bottle.
  4. Next make a note of the code SCSSEOOCT – this will knock £18 off your £60 shop.
  5. Which means you just have to fill your basket with £33 of things which aren’t bottles of alcohol.

And there you have it, you’ll soon be a proud owner of six bottles of fizz for £1.50 each.

Top Tip: Click the box ‘Accept Substitutions’ – this will prevent the supermarket from putting in a pricier alternative.





Deals Ends: Tuesday 3 October 2017

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